Simsbury Herbology

What kinds of illnesses can you help with?
Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses and treats disharmonies in the body.  As such, we find the underlying cause of your symptons and prescribe herbal formulas to help your body to heal itself.  In this way, we can halep with many, many varied and different issues. The best way to find out is to come in and speak with Laurie.  She'll go over everything and let you know if she can help.

Do I have to give up my current doctor?
Absolutely not.  We believe there is a place for "big medicine" and that all different modalities working together create the optimum form of holistic health care.

What is the first appointment like?
Laurie will sit down with you and review your health history, discovering where your source of disharmony lies. She will look at your tongue and take your pulse. You stay in your clothes!  It takes about an hour to go over everything.

What happens then?

Laurie diagnoses your disharmony based on Tradition Chinese Medicine terms, then spends much time researching the best formula to assist your body in coming back to center.

What do the herbs taste like?
The herbs are crushed and then compressed into tablet form for easy use.  You just swallow them with water.  If you'd prefer, some formulas are available in tea form for you to drink instead.

Do I have to take the formulas forever?
Definitely not.  The beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that you take the formulas just until your disharmony is resolved, then you stop.

Do you have preventative formulas?
Absolutely! Especially if you are travelling, or someone close to you is down with a cold or flu, we have several formulas that will help your system protect itself from picking up someone else's disharmony. 

How do I schedule an appointment?
Just give Laurie a call at 860-217-1663 or email her at and she'll gladly find a time that works for you.

Simsbury Herbology
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